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Animation-Related Links

The following animation-related sites are not meant to be complete, but will nevertheless attempt to be international in scope. I have not included sites for local chapters of such organizations as ASIFA and SIGGRAPH, links to which can be found on the sites of their parent organizations.


Animation Web Sites
Sponsored by producer/distributor Cow & Star Entertainment Co., Ltd., it is designed to provide “worldwide animation information” to both Korean and overseas audiences. In Korean with some English. Site is partly under construction.

Animation Nation
“The Voice of the Animation Industry,” the site is a sounding board for industry-related problems and the Los Angeles-area organization also hosts an annual meeting.

Animation World Network
Animation World Magazine is the focus of this wide-ranging site, with includes news, information and links relating to the art and business of animation; check out their international directory of animation schools and web sites for independent animators.

Animators Unite, Inc.
A New York-based not-for-profit company providing news and informational services, including discussion forums, to the animation community. It also aims show films on its site to help individuals and companies see each others work.

Cartoon Brew
Cartoon Research's Jerry Beck and Animation Blast's Amid Amidi run this site devoted to all things animated, including news and opinion, plus the ramblings of various “guest brewers.”

Cartoon Research
“Dedicated To Classic Cartoons: Past, Present and Future,”the site by ace historian, producer and journalist Jerry Beck, provides a range of information about (mostly American) animation and animation history. Of special interest is his comprehensive listing of animated features released in the U.S. since 1937 and his “Original Titles Home Page.”

News, information and historical articles related to the art and business of Chinese animation. Chinese and English.

Michael Barrier, who devotes his site to the “world of animated films and comic art,” provides commentary and excerpts from interviews he did for his book
Hollywood Cartoons and continues the work he started in Funnyworld, his pioneering journal. His “exchange” with John Kricfalusi on classic Hollywood animation is simply wonderful.

Film & TV Sites
Box Office Prophets
“A Web site dedicated to the analysis of the film industry, including reviews, commentary, previews, and box office analysis.” See also such sites as Box Office Mojo and Box Office Guru.

News, reviews, interviews, box office information and other information about movies and DVDs.

A “portal site for [film] festivals and film news.”

Greg's Previews of Upcoming Movies
Yahoo-based listings with commentaries on forthcoming (mostly American) feature films by date, title, director, writer, actor, studio, genre (where animation is found), reviews and video releases.

Internet Movie Database
Comprehensive cast and credit information on movies and television shows.

Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy
A personal site by the popular film and animation historian/critic Leonard Maltin focuses mostly on live action, but does include animation as well. Also site for his newsletter of the same name.

Movie Review Query Engine
Comprehensive links to American movie reviews.

Animation Blast
This print journal focuses “on animation artists and their art.” See also Cartoon Brew above.

Animation Journal
The scholarly journal devoted to animation history and theory, edited by Maureen Furniss. Join the Animation Journal email group and check out its extensive links page.

Animation Magazine
Provides selected articles from the widely-read industry publication, along with news and information about events it sponsors, including the World Animation Celebration.

Animation Reporter
International Indian journal which puts special emphasis on the work of Asian studios in countries like India, Singapore, Philippines and Korea.

Animation World Magazine
The leading online animation journal, which has a special focus on independent animation, is the main feature of the Animation World Network site.

This Korean publication, the leading Asian journal devoted to the art of animation, also includes a number of articles in English. Many articles are available online, along with news and information. Published by AKOM Production Company.

Asian Cinema Journal
Scholarly journal published by the Asian Cinema Studies Society which includes articles on animation, including occasional special animation issues.

A Canadian publication which is “all about the business of commercial production,” includes news in its BoardsOnline section.

The Hollywood Reporter
The site for one of the entertainment's industry leading trade journals. Premium online service available by subscription, though much information available online.

Most of the contents of this useful international trade magazine is available online.

Skwigly Animation Magazine
This wide-ranging new British online journal is the leading voice for animation in the UK.

Variety (Weekly)/ Daily Variety
Online edition of these standard trade publications is available only by subscription.

Professional & Governmental Organizations
Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences
“A non-profit organization established to promote, organize and recognize the growth of Machinima filmmaking and filmmakers.” Machinima is defined as “filmmaking within a real-time, 3D virtual environment” as developed for computer games.

Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group in Computer Graphics, whose annual convention is the place to go for the latest in digital animation technology. Provides links to local chapters.

The Animation Society of India (TASI)
Mumbai-based organization which encourages the “exchange of creative and technical information in the Indian animation industry.”

Association Internationale du Film d'Animation/International Animated Film Association is the largest international organization for professional animators. Links to chapters and animation festivals around the world.

Association of BC Animation Producers
“A non-profit organization representing animation producers and production companies operating in British Columbia.” Links to members, information on how to choose an animation school, getting a job and the local animation industry.

Asian Cinema Studies Society
Scholarly organization devoted to the study of Asian cinema, including animation. Publishes Asian Cinema Journal, which also includes articles on animation.

Cartoon Italia (Italian Association of Animation Producers)
Membership organization founded ““to protect and promote the Italian animation sector in Italy and abroad.” Italian and English.

Cartoon (European Association of Animation Film)
Part of the European Union's Media Programme, the Belgium-based Cartoon is designed to promote the growth of the European animation industry through the promotion of international co-production, training and the annual Cartoon d'Or prize. Its Cartoon Forum promotes the production and financing of television series, while Cartoon Movie does the same for feature films.

Singapore Animators Connection.(SAC)
“A consultative body that handles all matters concerning 3d animation in Singapore” which is also involved in soliciting work from overseas clientele.

Society for Animation Studies (ASIFA International Site)
International membership organization, which is open to scholars and filmmakers, puts on annual conference devoted to animation history and theory. See also somewhat different site hosted by Animation World Network.

Women in Animation
Professional membership organization provides networking and informational opportunities for women (and men). Provides links to local chapters.

The Animation Guild, Local 839, IATSE (Formerly The Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists.)
Screen Actors Guild
Writers Guild of America, West



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